We are pleased to invite you to join us in Hoboken to discuss the ways in which we, as publishers, editors, and academics, collaborate to advance research, make our journals successful, and innovate and experiment to raise standards in all areas of scholarly publishing.

As a journal Editor you play a critical role in the research community. With each decision you make, you are influencing the direction of research and impacting researchers’ careers. While journals thrive on the contributions of individual papers, scientific debate and discovery is happening across an expansive ecosystem of journals, repositories, and social media — sometimes pre-dating publication. The size of the academic world has grown and pressure to publish has increased, while expectations for rapid publication, recognition, openness, and transparency are higher than ever before. These demands create challenges and opportunities for journals, editors, and publishers alike. We are committed to working together to create solutions, break down barriers and misconceptions, and raise standards of research publishing while preserving the enduring values on which our journals were built.