Past Events

The purpose of Wiley Editor Symposia are to give Editors and Publishers a chance to meet, share insights into the publishing process and explore how we are raising standards to transform and adapt against the backdrop of global challenges in science and society.

We have a lot to learn from one another, and the Editor Symposium is a journey of discovery featuring speakers and breakouts that will encourage us to think differently about how we work on journals.  

Find out more about our Hoboken 2019 Symposium here.

Feedback from attendees:

“I learned a lot about Wiley, my role as an editor, and about my fellow editors’ work. I hope this will be repeated in the future.”

“It was great to meet Wiley staff, to learn how Wiley is thinking about the future of publishing, and it was great to get a better sense of what Wiley is like as a company, what it stands for, etc.”

“Thanks for a very stimulating, welcoming, and supportive meeting. Definitely energized me as well as educated me.”

“Everyone was very helpful and supportive. I feel more strongly connected to Wiley than before, and I am most appreciative of that.”

“I’m super happy Wiley is trying to build a stronger relationship with editors. As volunteers or those of us who receive a small stipend for this work, it’s great that the system has our back.”

“This was an excellent meeting that I thoroughly enjoyed. I am looking forward to the next one.”

“I have been an E-in-C for nearly 30 years and this was the first symposium on editing that I have attended. It was very useful. Please run them regularly.”

“Overall, I found the symposium very useful. I have at least one new idea from the symposium to consider for implementation.”